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When Bad People Eat Things They Shouldn't...

and forget to floss

7/23/12 07:18 pm - Journal Explanation

You are currently viewing Journal-Baby, a no resolutions online Blog owned by The Sarcasm Eating Beast.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I used to blog like a pro. I was the under 21's star player. However since then things have changed. Now J-B is only used for dumping old fic (HP, BtVS, Firefly, Pern, Gormenghast (JRM OMGWTFBBQ!1!) and Good Omens,) and dentists appointment dates, all of which is private locked, as is the fic from the Updating Days. A few newer entries will loiter until I get them blocked up too, as I tend to like new entries ok but get tired of them a few weeks or months later.

I also use J-B for commenting on other people's journals and for tracking communities. Which if you're reading this is probably why you're here. However I don't use this journal enough to read a regular friend list and don't really want the hassle of maintaining one, so please don't be insulted if I comment regularly but never friend you, or never friend back, or fail to even post.

If LJ has redirected you from my previous J-B name, the above is all still relevant, but with the addition that I DO still flick through journals occasionally, that my e-mail functions just great and that you can always hit me up with some MSN hint-hint.

Much kissies,

The Beast.

3/1/06 03:36 pm - Mewlp

Is it wrong of me to want somebody to write Mr. Men PG13 so much that I wrote it myself? And that the only thing holding me back from posting is the fact that the somebody (ie. moi,) really should ink the pics first?


Since posting last I've fallen back through the veil, like somebody lost Sirius (carelessly) down the back of the sofa. I think this is my first public entry since January, so if you're looking for action packed adventure, impressive stunts, and romantic candle lit dinners in your LJ experiences, you may be better off going elsewhere. If I were a play I'd be "Waiting for Goddo," only with less auto-erotic asphixiation.

Consider yourself duly warned and here's some candy to make it worth your while. (Ice skating cowboys, candy; what difference?)

11/10/05 01:52 pm - See the Dark Mark

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Link to picture is at http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/thesarcasmeatingbeast/DarkMark.gif

Credit is mine, though it's based on a see-Jesus picture that can be found here, which is also pretty odd/cool.

11/4/05 06:00 pm - Google Print

Why is there no form on Google Print that allows you to e-mail in wild fangirling with many, many superlatives? 'cause it's just that good?

If Google were real, I'd so do it. Hell, I WILL ANYWAY>>>

11/3/05 03:27 pm - Pansy for Violetfishy

Because I am a dog turd of immense proportions I forgot violetfishy's art for the hp_art_xchange. So it's here now instead.

Pansy - GCollapse )
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11/3/05 12:00 pm

If you're reading this, you HAVE TO SIGN UP TO Boniblithe's Cross Fandom Christmas Cards.

Or, y'know, if you've already done it, then like your gas bill reminder you should just tear up this entry and ignore.

Have a nice day.

11/2/05 02:31 pm - Solid as a Ghost

Quick drabble for hp100 Nothing fancy. U rating(G for the yanks amongst you.)

Solid as a GhostCollapse )

11/2/05 12:34 pm - Yucky

Tried making chocolate sponge pudding. Horrible, horrible disaster. Nobody bothered telling me that the thing rises so overflowed creating muddy brown puddle o' shite in microwave.

Also should maybe, when it said "cream the butter," maybe of creamed it. Meh.

11/1/05 10:41 pm

Shiny new journal. Still got the wrapper on, and the soft furnishings are still cushy (rather than covered in muddy foot print puddles.)

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